Stock on 12/8 through technical ‘prism’

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  • BVSC forecasts that the VN-Index may rise again in the next session.
  • BSC believes that the VN-Index will correct slightly or accumulate in this area in the next few sessions, until there are next news about Covid-19 epidemic.
Securities companies Positive Neutral Negative

Increase points back – (Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

VN-Index is expected to increase again in the next session. The uptrend of the market is still maintained with the destination at the resistance zone of 852-858 points in the short term. Besides, the index will continue receiving support from 836-840 points. However, BVSC also notes that, if we lose this support zone, the scenario that the index will form a short correction to 810-820 points should be considered. Market movements will still have strong differentiation according to each individual story of listed companies. Cash flow will alternately move into groups of stocks to seek profits. On the other hand, information on the ability of countries to successfully produce anti-Covid-19 vaccines will be supporting factors for the market.

Investors should maintain the proportion of the portfolio at 50-65% of the stock. Short positions may be considered when the index approaches BVSC resistance areas mentioned above. Investors continue to take advantage of market corrections in the next few sessions to open short-term long positions or buy back a portion of sold positions.

The upside momentum remains – (Rong Viet Securities Company – VDSC)

VN-Index is still being kept stable despite the correcting pressure. This shows that the uptrend of the market is still there. If this momentum can support the VN-Index to successfully surpass the 850-point resistance area, the market’s uptrend will be widened and directed to the 880 zone. Therefore, investors should temporarily stabilize the portfolio and wait for specific signals of the market, and at the same time should give priority to stocks that are stronger than the market and have good technical signals.

The new uptrend will continue to successfully surpass 845 points – (MB Securities Company – MBS)

The large cash flow absorbed most of the profit-taking stocks, so the market still remained above the threshold of 840 points. In a positive scenario, the new rally will continue if the market successfully surpasses 845 points. In the base scenario, the market is able to maintain a state fluctuating in the range from 820 points to 840 points and the cash flow has a rotation between stock groups.

Mild or cumulative adjustment – (BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

Market liquidity declined compared to the previous session, market breadth was in a relatively negative state, showing that investor sentiment is becoming more cautious. According to BSC’s assessment, with investor sentiment being quite hesitant at 840-850 points and low liquidity, the VN-Index is highly likely to correct or accumulate in this area in the next few sessions. , until further news of the Covid-19 epidemic comes out.

Continue to narrow fluctuations or correct slightly – (Yuanta Securities Vietnam – YSVN)

YSVN believes that the market may continue to fluctuate narrowly or correct slightly around the 20-day average of major indexes in the 12/8 session. At the same time, the market showed signs of entering an accumulation period, so the cash flow could continue to differentiate between stock groups. The short-term sentiment has continued to improve and the short-term risks are still low, so the appropriate short-term strategy is to hold a high proportion of stocks in the portfolio.

The short-term uptrend remains unchanged – (Mirae Asset Vietnam Securities Company – MASVN)

Although there was a slight correction after 7 consecutive gaining sessions, the short-term uptrend of the VN-Index remained unchanged. The short-term technical score according to the system of Mirae Asset for VN-Index is still positive (+6 points).

Investors should only consider comments of securities companies as a source of reference information. Securities companies all recommend disclaimer for the above judgment.

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