Investment fund movement from August 10 to 16: Big deal at REE, FPT and MWG

Đăng bởi

Truck Capital “released” 2.4 million REE shares to Platinum Victory Pte.Aberdeen Institutional group received over 1.7 million FPT shares transferred on August 11 and August 14.Briarwood Capital Partners LP received the transfer of 500,000 shares of MWG on 11/8.KIM fund group withdrew 445,020 shares of Nam Kim Steel.

Big deal on shares of REE, FPT, and MWG

Platinum Victory Pte. Ltd received nearly 2.4 million shares of Refrigeration Electrical Engineering ( HoSE: REE ) through the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD), from the hands of Truck Capital Master Fund. Previously, Platinum Victory continuously registered to buy more than 3 million REE shares since the beginning of the year, but with no success.

It is difficult to buy REE shares because this is the stock that has closed the foreign room (foreign ownership ratio) at 49%. Therefore, this unit can only negotiate to buy more from other foreign investors.

With the price around 35,000 VND / share, the amount of Platinum Victory to be calculated is about 84 billion VND. Note that trading via VSD is not limited in price range and given the tight room nature of REE, institutions often turn hands plus a certain level of surplus. As a result, these lots often have a higher value than the market price.

Before the above transaction, Platinum Victory was the largest shareholder owning 29% of REE, followed by Chairman Nguyen Thi Mai Thanh with 12.16%, foreign fund Apollo Asia Fund holds more than 18 million shares, billion. 5.87% and the State Financial Investment Company of Ho Chi Minh City (HFIC) holds 5.3%.

The big deal also happened in FPT shares when the Aberdeen Institutional Commingled Funds group received more than 1.7 million shares transferred on August 11 and August 14. With the market price of nearly 48,000 VND / share, the amount of shares above is worth more than 80 billion VND.

The other sellers are Truck Capital Master Fund and Macquarie Bank Limited. Investment Bank Macquarie previously bought millions more shares of FPT to become a major shareholder owning 5.37% of the shares from July 15; However, this organization quickly sold over 1.5 million FPT shares since early August.

In shares of Mobile World Investment ( HoSE: MWG ), Briarwood Capital Partners LP received 500,000 shares transferred from Coeli Sicav I and Oaks Emerging Umbrella. The market value of this block of shares is about 42 billion dong.
America LLC bought CSV, KIM group sold NKG

America LLC Fund bought 1.6 million shares of Southern Basic Chemical ( HoSE: CSV ), thereby bringing the total ownership to nearly 3.6 million shares, a rate of 8.07% and officially became the major shareholders from August 10. CSV shares are trading nearly 22,000 dong / share, temporarily calculating the amount of money spent by the fund about 35 billion dong.

America LLC also bought 2,700 shares of Vinh Phuc Infrastructure Development (HNX: IDV) to own more than 145 shares of this industrial park company from August 5.

KIM fund group (Korea) sold a total of 445,020 shares of Nam Kim Steel ( HoSE: NKG ) to reduce its ownership to 15.3 million shares, a rate of 8.9%. With market price around 6,700 dong / share, temporarily calculating the amount of money this group sold is about 3 billion dong.

Dragon Capital fund group sold 80,280 shares of Thu Dau Mot Water ( HoSE: TDM ). After the transaction, this group also holds 5.74 million shares, 5.99% stake of this water supply company.

MB Investment Fund Manager (MB Capital) bought 480,000 electromechanical shares ( UPCoM: EME ) during August 5-7, thereby officially becoming a major stock holding 600,000 shares, the rate of 15.9 % share. With market price of 52,900 VND / share, temporarily calculating the amount spent by the fund is more than 25 billion VND.

Hung Thinh VinaWealth wants to buy KDH

Continuing to fail in the previous purchase, F&N Dairy Investments Pte. Ltd. registered to buy another 17.4 million shares of Vinamilk ( HoSE: VNM ) from August 19 to September 17.
Hung Thinh VinaWealth equity investment fund wants to buy 260,000 shares of Khang Dien House Trading ( HoSE: KDH ) during September 14-12. With market price of 24,550 VND / share, the expected amount to spend is more than 6 billion VND.

On August 20, Khang Dien House will close the list of shareholders to pay 5% cash dividends in 2019 (equivalent to spending VND 262 billion), and issue 26.2 million shares (ratio 5%). ) to pay dividends in shares.

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